AEPA2018 Special issue

We are pleased to announce that we expect to put together “TWO” special issues:

“International Journal of Plasticity (IJP)”on
Mechanics & Materials,

“International Journal of Automotive Technology (IJAT)” on
Engineering Plasticity & Advanced Manufacturing

with papers selected from AEPA2018 contribution to KEM papers and/or abstracts. The aim is to present to the wider research community the current challenges in plasticity. Included will be new manufacturing techniques and their prediction, limit states and failure, constitutive issues, multiscale modelling, etc. The papers must be full-length, original and exploring new ground in these subjects.

The organization chairs will serve as guest editors for the two special issues. The manuscripts will be due by March 31, 2019. The selected manuscripts will undergo the usual peer review process of each journal to ensure scientific quality.

For organizational purposes it would be helpful if you would indicate your desire to submit a paper to one of these special issues by sending a message to Professor Jeong Yoon at by December 31, 2018. Then, it will go through the recommendation procedure by the AEPA2018 Scientific Committee about the suitability to one of the special issues. Due to the limited volumes (around 10 papers for IJP, around 20 papers for IJAT), the special issues are only invitation-based from the recommendations of the Scientific Committee.