Direction to The Conference Hotel

Direction from Jeju Airport to Seogwipo KAL Hotel

There are two KAL hotels in Jeju island. One is Jeju KAL hotel near airport. The other is Seogwipo KAL Hotel which is located around 60 km away from from the airport. Our conference hotel is Seogwipo KAL Hotel. It is recommended to take “Airport Limousine #600”. The 600 bus operates from every 20 mins. Our hotel is the last stop. The bus will take around 80-90 mins. with the cost of 5,500 KRW (which is around $5 USD). They only accept Korean currency. So, it is necessary to change some Korean money at airport. Also, taxi is another way to come. It takes around 50-60 mins around 50,000 KRW.

Seogwipo KAL Hotel Address :

• KAL 242, Chilsimni-ro, 63599 Seogwipo, South Korea

600 Airport Limousine Bus :

• Cost per one way: 5,500 (KRW)

• Airport → Seogwipo KAL Hotel :
Operates every 20 mins. from 06:00 (the first) to 22:50 (the last bus)

• Seogwipo KAL Hotel → Airport :
Operates every 20 mins. from 06:00 (the first bus) to 21:40 (the last bus)

Taxi :

• Cost around 50,000 (KRW) from airport to Seogwipo KAL hotel
• It accepts both credit card and cash
• It takes around 50-60 mins.